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"SouthSiders" (2014)

Camera Thief lyrics - Atmosphere

Camera thief
Take pictures
Run like the parallel stitches
Attach my feet to the path I beat
Teach myself to keep the answers brief
Gnash my teeth like the last to feast
Imagine me on that abandoned beach
Sand and sea as if the jazz was free
I’m Ice cream mixed with gasoline
Direct attention to the craftsmanship
Neglect to mention that the past will stick
Like initials carved in the concrete
Like the tattoo that hides on your mommy
I still kick it with angels
The difference is that instead of the bar, I’m at my kitchen table
The starlight shines through the glass
But you feel safe underneath that mask

Ferris Wheel, give rides
These scars healed in time to get high
Lock the doors and hide the keys
Lets go describe how to climb a tree
Don’t sign the lease just cop a corner
For you to curl up and try to sleep
Those cheap police won't find my wings I keep my dreams inside my dreams
And If I had a time machine
I’d probably use it like a vacuum and try to clean
It kind a seems, quite more than a handful of these regrets have been circumstantial
Now give me all the cash out the drawer
Touch that mustache down on the floor
And I’ll be in court holding a pitchfork
Before I let the contest outlast the sport

Pocket watch, impatient
Find a mate then make the migration
Break the rules, but first break the rulers
And keep it moving like a rumor
I don’t need to defend my defensiveness
I keep to myself, my family, and friendships
I’ve got enough people I could disappoint
If you disagree I think you missed the point
Now go ahead and grab a chair
Let me tell you about the last few years
Pulled out a sack full of Samson’s hair
And put it on the dash like a dancin’ bear
I wrote you a horoscope
It won't fit on this post-it note
But if I had to sum it up into a shorter quote
It goes fuck it, you might as well row that boat

Arthur's Song lyrics - Atmosphere

38th street station

Sippin’ on that brown stuff
Got you feeling like you found love
Or maybe it was just luck
But honestly it’s probably none of the above
Train tracks underneath the faceless moon
The paybacks gonna want a statement soon
Been a few years since the last cigarette
But if you put your finger inside the flask, still wet
Stick with the fool like shit to the wool
Gotta get some tools to try to fix these jewels
Cause we don’t need to hear you sing
Of how you spent your time as king
Being mad at everything, huh
And even when we haven’t seen the sun for days
I keep squint like it’s shining right up in my face
Everyones a critic of the minutes I waste
Got me waiting in a line, got me running in place
I don’t really know what to tell ya
Say I spent too much time in the cellar
I’ve experienced a life full of accidents
Tryna write it all down before it vanishes
Wanna remember every adventure
But a percentage of ‘em only exist in the abyss
Spin ‘em around like a popular record
My head feels lighter than the fuzz on a feather
I try to put the shapes in order
But in case I get cornered
I'mma sharpen up the darts
I truly hold sorrow in my heart
For every heart that never got carved into the bark
I wish that everyone could leave a mark
But every part wasn’t meant to be a piece of art
You either carpe diem or fade away into the dark
While everybody else watches waiting for the stop to start
With all due respect to my liver
We tryna get as high as the little dipper
Got love for my people that survive the blizzard
But it’s a flood of liquor on my side of the river
We face pain with pain
Everybody's the same
Waiting caught in the rain
I guess that’s why I write about it
It help me wrap my head around it
No matter what the worlds tryna take from you
No matter what the world’s tryna make you prove
No matter what the world’s tryna say to you
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through

The World Might Not Live Through The Night lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
You better dead those tears, uh, they say the end is near
And I doubt that they were talking about this can of beer
Get on the purple motorcycle and ride
We're still trying to party like it's 1999
Times out of ten
We're all looking at our fate like a date and we hoping that she brought a friend
Lean on the same crutches
Like a new gameplan ain't nothing to fuck with
Pass the judgement upon the left hand side
Splash in the flood like you'll never get dry
Run like the blood from a dead man's pride
Everybody bets with their life
And lately I feel like the meal got tasty
Trying to look at what the cook's putting in the gravy
I know I'm not crazy, I just got so much soul the devil hates me

Sing a song we will recite
Worked so long to build your life
But it could feel so wrong to feel alright
When the world might not live through the night x2

[Verse 2:]
We're supposed to live in fear
Otherwise mama might see you in some prison gear
Gotta be a model civilian
And get your name printed on a bottle full of pills and
Spill your guts into a dixie cup
Give no fucks, kiss no butts
So edgy, such a rebel
Low levy, another level
But everybody want the same thing, we all want the same things
We all wanna chase dreams
Celebrate trying to maintain with a little more time to appreciate this painting
Now pretend you're not alone
And put your hands up in the air like a drone
Yeah, now hold 'em over your head like your home got invaded by the FEDs


[Verse 3:]
Apocalyptic, little predictable
Oppurtunity, hypocritical
I got a wristband, give me access
We gonna party 'til they bomb Minneapolis
And we'll admit that it's not that complex
Just a big popularity contest
Working with the same tools ever since grade school
Now say a prayer for the pimp and pump the keg, dude
And if you try you could get so high
Convinced you could kiss the sky
And that seem better than trying to be a better friend
Hold your breath in and dive into the decadence
I'm lucky I'm alive just to represent
And document my life in the present tense
So I'ma keep talking shit until mama nature kicks us off the tit


Star Shaped Heart lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Dusty trails
Jezabels singing about heads and tails
Breast pocket full of useless words
I made a promise I would prove my worth
I gotta work, gotta work 'til I sweat poison
You gaining on it like you tryin' ta exploit him
I gave a fuck when I was a lot younger
But Lady Luck got a box cutter
She laughs at her suiters, consumers
Tune her in the letter, blast out the woofers
The usual is the new normal
Beautiful lurks in the background vocals
I don't shit in the sandbox
I'm not winning the dance off

And I ain't trying to sound scummy
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

[Verse 2:]
Tattoo say "loves life"
Attitude like a sunrise
And when the tongue come untied
You keep it on a quick draw like a gunfight
If it's done right strange is a single arm
The truth is I only came here to read your palms
The freaks keep it moving 'til the beat is gone
We're trying to grow a greener lawn
It goes "oh my goodness"
We got too much love, now there's nowhere to put it
Time flew like it's designed to do
And all we left behind were clues
The handprints are bloody
Because the puppy outran the bunny

And I ain't trying to sound hungry
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

[Verse 3:]
Do you like to make party?
Yeah, you and who's army?
Man, we're on a random mission
With a van full of vandalism
Study my mannerisms
These are not the hands of a handsome prince
But I feel like a supernova
Don't lose control of the booze or the motor
I got a star shaped heart
You got a house made out of face cards
This graveyard used to be a K-Mart
But before that it was a graveyard
You can't be a rich man
If your soul is a swimming pool of quicksand

And I ain't trying to sound funny
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

I Love You Like A Brother lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
She might cry herself to sleep tonight
You might act like everything feels alright
I might bite my lip, like the silent type
You might make a fist, like you trying to fight
Got ghosts that haunt that home
And if you didn't want that known then don't put it on a throne
You separate the foe from the friend by the showmanship
And the bones that don't bend
So now I'm studying your moves like
You the only one that knew how to do right
Present it with a sleeve of success
Like we all benefit if you achieve and progress
Maybe you're right maybe I'm just left but
Unless you walk a flight in my steps but
Unless you slept a night in my nest
You shouldn't waste your breath to criticize my mess

I love you like a brother
Even though I'm not your brother
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost in the applause
I love you like a sister
Even though you're not my sister
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost

[Verse 2:]
Used to be rock, but now it's roll
Looking at the clock and the remote control
The circle contracts till you all alone
I put that on the people you've outgrown
And maybe it was all for show
But it was so convincing that the ground got cold
I guess anything's possible, under a spotlight we all got a note to hold
It goes
Don't throw no stones if you're living in a fish bowl
Blow a kiss though
Where the aim is based on which way the wind floats
And pride is a bottle on a fence post
I keep the shoes laced up
In case the people I love come to shoot the place up
I know we ain't cut from the same cloth
But a lot of those fights were just to say we fought
The mother turns, life is fragile
The struggle burns from inside of the candle
It doesn't matter how far you run from it, you're still gonna find it
You come from it
And even though we all equivalent
We gotta, hold on to the differences
We gotta, stand up for what we won't fall for
Let's give a round of applause for
All of all of y'all


Southsiders lyrics - Atmosphere

Whole Southside
Whole Southside
Whole Southside
Biddie bye bye, biddie bye bye, biddy bye bye, what?

[Verse 1:]
Whole Southside been up in your guts
Don't know how to describe how much you suck
And it's not just you, but everyone of you plus
Follow each other around like a bunch of ducks
Just turn the music up and get dumb
Stretch your skin around the biggest drum
Born from a neighborhood of click and run
And already gave away my stick of gum
Just find a torch and light the ceiling
Life's too short to fight the feeling
I get a little paranoid for no reason
When the jukebox plays Don't Stop Believin'
My level dries like a rebel
But it's alright, it's a rental
Your consent is so incidental
We want what we want, we ain't trying to settle
We last forever through the echo
Some say special, some say essential
Went to hell to threaten the devil
And separate the horns like bass and trebel


[Verse 2:]
Wrote my name on blocks of cinder
Kissed my name on top of winter
Say my name when you're in denial
But not too many times, it might dim your smile
And if it's all the same
I'm a flood that thin little train that you call a lane
Knocked down any walls that remain
I'll bring the balls and y'all bring the chains
When I'm dead you can flip the mattress
Put me in a jar and kiss my ashes
Or put my body in the middle of traffic
Buttnaked in a glasscasket, what?
Minneapolis, got love for the after kiss
Y'all the baddest bitch, so passionate
Let me hear you say fuck the establishment
Say it, show me a player that's mad at this
And I'mma show you a hater and a masochist
Y'all think that I got a damn to give
Do I look like I drive a fucking ambulance?


Bitter lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Everything used to be so good then
Now it seems like you're mad at my footprints
I'm only trying to scribble in the book, man
It's not my fault that y'all couldn't
You must have a lot of free time
Otherwise why are you trying to see mine
Strain your neck, let the blame project
But don't give yourself the same respect
So independent but undependable
We're all getting old, now take a mental note
And stop being so covetous
The crime is the punishment
Now run and get a slither of dignity
You ain't gotta be a figure of misery
You don't want to be a victim to victory
Listening to a bitter sweet symphony

You're so bitter
You call this a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
Your jealousy needs an anthem too
You're so bitter
You're as cold as a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
And all of these dreams that can't come true

[Verse 2:]
We used to get up in Uptown
Then we hit the highway to run around
Came home everybody wanna judge now
Don't let them see you celebrate your touchdown
Keep clutching those grudges
Don't budge if no budget
The old puppets show love in public
But behind the back can't trust it
Disgusted, repugnant
Insulted, repulsive
Discouraged, rejection
No protection from your own reflection
Chip on your shoulder big as a boulder
Insecurities a slippery slope
Got ya looking around for the sympathy vote
Anything to give a little glimmer of hope


[Verse 3:]
Treat love like a limited resource
Fight for it like there's never gonna be more
On the rooftops talk to the spaceships
Like you've got 2Pac locked in the basement
Get the bag, make the get away exit
You get mad like your middle name desperate
No net, better not get left back
Yeah, you should probably protect that
I'm trying to keep it simple, teeth to the nipple
Beat my chisel, leave my initials
Fly so far when you follow the signals
Sky full of stars and all of them wishful
Not only are we bitter but we're brittle
The world's getting small, and everybody's little
Go roll your eyeballs, toot your own whistle
Don't ever stop waiting for the window


Mrs. Interpret lyrics - Atmosphere

J'ai faim
J'ai soif
J'ai besoin de toi
de toi

[Verse 1:]
I could look you in the face for all time
And even if I fall blind I'll still see you in my mind
You got the grace of a raven
It ain't no misbehaving if I tell you that you're the taste that I'm cravin'
You can't imagine all the time and dedication
Trying to find a way to obtain your validation
And sometimes we stayed up untill the sunrise
Talking about nothing but that love jive
And if we're gonna keep it legit
I got a little secret that I need to admit
You see, ever since I was a teenage mess
I've had a hard time interpreting the opposite sex
But I need you, girl, that's my word
Now could you please repeat your last few words?
Most beautiful voice I've ever heard
But you might as well have a mouth full of baby birds


[Verse 2:]
And then she asked me if I caught a singe thing she said
I involuntarily nodded my head
Honestly I did hear your actual voice
But the words blended with the background noise
I must've got lost in my mind somehow
And now I'm too far behind to try and figure it out
The fact is I don't know what you're talking about
And I'm distracted by the gymnastics up in your mouth
Truthfully it's not you, it's me
Cause you're the moon that moves the sea
See, I guess there's a limit to my listening
And then I get dissmissive and treat it as if it's gibberish
And I don't mean to be blunt
Cause I know we'll probably talk about this for the rest of the month
But my life wouldn't be complete
If I didn't get to misread the shit you speak


So what you need?
Yeah, maybe I never knew how to communicate
So what you need?
Nah, I never learned how to ice skate
So what you need?
Go ahead finish your thought, I'll wait
So what you need?


Fortunate lyrics - Atmosphere

I highly doubt that y'all think about sex
Anywhere near as often as I think about death
Go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs
But don't wake the baby up, we got a lot to get done
That little light indicates a connection
And if it's all the same I'd like to make a suggestion
See, if everybody on this comet agreed
We could set the clock to whenever we want it to be
I just might just modify the mileage
I don't know much, but I'm confident the fight's fixed
So high that I feel like a pilot
Falling out the sky full of brilliant brightness
Hurry up, stir me up
You gotta learn the words before the whole Earth burning, but
We wouldn't even need to recognize your birthday
If you were the center of the universe in the first place
If I had feathers I would fly away
If I felt fresher in fur I would hibernate
If I ever figured out how to communicate
Maybe then we could accumulate
For now face the wall, I ain't the same as y'all
A real friend wouldn't make you take the fall
Sometimes life'll try to break your balls
With the long list of missed wakeup calls

You know I wanna feel special
Walk around the festival carrying a big stuffed animal
I try not to make a mess though
Gotta stay sensible, ain't nobody coming with the antidote
I wanna watch you grow
And I wanna leave the planet better off than it was handed to me
And I don't know, there's possibility
So I settle for selling my soul to the slaves of the land of the free
I don't wanna leave my family tree behind
I don't anyone to miss me like I miss you
But I don't wanna take up too much time
I'm not trying to run away from the line we drew
The sunshine seems to feel so seamless
The soldier is a dreamer and a realist
And history sealed this
Thought me that a hero ain't nothing but a field trip
Nah, I know you're down to do something profound
Put a stick in the ground to prove you was around
No amount of time will ever be considered enough
I'm trying to tether it up and live forever through love
We're not lucky, but we're fortunate
I'm pretty sure of it
And all the life we wasted trying to make some bread
Might've been better spent trying to raise the dead

Kanye West lyrics - Atmosphere

Put your hands in the air like you really do care, oh yeah
Put your hands in the air like you really do care, oh yeah
Put your hands up like you give a damn and a fuck, put 'em up, put 'em up
Put your hands in the air like you really do care, oh yeah

She said she want somebody she could take care of
And right then is when we paired up
Pull a chair up and make space for yourself
You should taste what I felt
It's probable that those on the bottom gonna hold you accountable
It's lonely at the top and it's also hostile
Everyone got their own course full of obstacles
Don't let your heart grow cold like a popsicle
She said she want someone to treat her as an equal
And right then we started speeding towards Reno
Burning rubber in a burgundy Regal
Fly like the dove then dive like an eagle
I'm a 70 deuce, that year was a classic
Buzz got loose and we're here trying to catch it
She said that she was unimpressed
That's when I stood up and did the Kanye West


She said she needed a place to feel free
And right then we started building a team
Trying to make a better perfect, a little purpose
The only thing for certain is the sleep disturbance
But every since people started measuring time
We've been looking for an easy way to settle our mind
Take a load off or take your clothes of
Or shut your eyes and roll straight for the roadblock
She said she needed something that she could blame
And right then is when I offered my name
It's the only thing I've got that'll always remain
So I'mma share it with you so you can complain too
She said she want to find a cure for death
I knew she meant that in the purest sense
But when I finally die put on your Sunday best
Then throw your hands in the sky like Kanye West


You need to prove nothing to me
The time got a price, but the trouble is free
If we gonna struggle I'ma do it comfortably
And live life like I love to breathe

Oh yeah, oh yeah

We Ain't Gonna Die Today lyrics - atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Hands stay clean till the well go dry
The clutch kinda sticks right
Aim for the sky
And let a few fly
In due time, gonna get right
There’s no loose ties
I’m not the new guy
I’m just one hand at twelve’o’clock
The other one stirs your melting pot
And if I had a third hand
I’d use it to turn up the music
You like to complain, huh
You gonna hide ‘till the rain comes?
Feel my shine, I’m the same son
No matter what I’ve done
I remember where I came from
The flood made the neighborhood messy
But you’ve got the keys to the Chevy
Have to drive, until the afterlife
So we can steal the feast
Out of the Beast’s belly

We ain't gonna die today
Right now I’m wide awake
Tell her that the devil got a price to pay
Letter by letter all I’m trying to say
That we ain’t gonna die today
Right now I’m wide awake
Rock solid, head held high
Hands stay clean ‘till the well go dry
Right now I’m wide awake
Right now I’m wide awake
Right now I’m wide awake
Hands stay clean ‘till the well go dry

[Verse 2:]
One wheel for the clock that we live within
I feel like your father, discipline
It’s unconvincing when I tell them that hell
Ain’t nothing but a place in Michigan
Two wheels in the gutter, engine reving
I feel like your mother, listen, suggestion
Don’t test if you’re really not a threat
If my crew get fresh, take you all the way to heaven
Honesty stinks a little
It’s cause it comes from deep inside you
It’s covered in blood and bile
And it tastes so self-entitled
And you can keep a wood stake in the trunk
On the off chance that the fairy tales ain’t bunk
And I’mm save a bottle of that funk
To get motel parking lot balcony crunk
A true fiend would hit the screen
Halfway there tryna live the dream
Cops with lights shining in my face
Cause my names not attached to these license plates
Freedom is a paperweight
But you can’t explain that to an inmate
So I’mma keep rolling past these mile markers
And I’mma deliver this flame to the fire starters


My Lady Got Two Men lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Let me start by telling you I love you
Thank you for making me a part of the puzzle
I imagine it was quite the struggle
But you still found time and taught yourself to juggle
Girl, would you give me a kiss for a fist full of flowers?
This could be ours
Girl, could you get rid of that other dude?
Cut him loose and kick him to the multitude
I can't picture why you would split your time
Between I and an additional guy
Seems like more wear then it's worth when
You're the one who gotta bare this burden
I give you love and respect
But that other stud got nothing to give but stress
Life as a wifey shouldn't be so hard
But everybody gotta be who they think they are, listen

My lady got two men
One's a stranger and the other's a friend
She keeps us both cause she needs us
Zig-zag back and forth in between us
My lady got two lovers
One for the funk and the other for the comfort
I'm trying to understand
But I gotta figure out which one I am

[Verse 2:]
It's obvious that I'm better than him
If you got me sense you won't settle for him
We all sacrifice pride for passion
I'm not sure what you're waiting for to happen
But I feel like a doctor, I got a lot of patience
I co-operated with the operation
Complications, observation
Parked in your lot, can I get some validation?
I'm just saying, gotta escape from the frustration
Wanna express yourself, make a statement
But I don't expect you to change the arrangement
And the truth is I try to support
But I can't thrive when I'm ignored
And I can see that you don't wanna cut the cord
But it's gotta be something more than this tug of war
Girl, you're the shine on the crown
So why you try and let that clown come around?
From now and 'til the universe swallows the Earth
I won't pretend that I can follow how it works
Ever since this began I've been a different man
And then a different man and then a different man
I wonder who I'm gonna be tonight
Just take our hand and it'll be alright, come here

[Hook x2]

Flicker lyrics - atmosphere

One little flicker of light
Can erase the dark
One little flicker of light
Can erase the dark

[Verse 1:]
Yeah I been drinkin’, You already know
Do I smell like escape, Probably so
I found your tape in my old collection
Put it in pushed play then I poured a fresh one
I look back with a hesitant laugh
But in reality it’s dark down memory ave
All the trials and suffering we shared with each other
A lot of people thought that we were actually brothers
You know me, you know I’m a control freak
Who told you, you could die before me?
Gone, another dog lost to the wild
I feel like a snot-nosed child
And when I hear your Smile
Its outlined in sadness
You poked holes in the magic
You taught jokes to the clowns
That never learned how
To appreciate the lights
Before the bulbs burned out


[Verse 2:]
Yeah, I been thinking, You already know
Do I sound frustrated? Probably so
Sometimes I feel guilty, I was out on the road
If I’da seen where it was going I’da stopped the whole show
I realize it ain’t realistic
I keep tryna make the pieces fit with
The info presented
I felt resentment
I held this against myself
I wanna help my friend
It stays in my head
That I was on a stage when you were laying in bed
Body was discovered by your own mother
It penetrates my chest, I still taste the regret
That I slept through a late night call from your homie
But then I spoke with Siddiq the next morning
And then I smoked one million cigarettes
Go figure, maybe I was tryna catch up with ya


[Verse 3:]
Yeah I been sinkin’ , you already know
Do I look exhausted? Probably so
I don’t get much sleep
I’m not sick, I’m fine
I’m just tryna make the most of this limited time
And I’m missing you but I ain’t gonna lie
The distance grew between Eye and I
And at the end, even though we didn’t speak enough
You were easily one of the best people I’ve loved
Now I’m tryna write a song for a dead songwriter
That wrote they own songs about life and death
And every breath is full of self-awareness
Don’t ever be afraid to be embarrassed
So I wrote these words to describe what I cry about
But I’m starting to think if you were here right now
You’d ridicule these lyrics, you’d hate this chorus
You’d probably tell me that the concept is too straight forward


January On Lake Street lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
The doors open
My left foot sitting on the driveway
You lookin’ at me sideways
You tryna predict what I might say
But my mind ain’t here now, I’m thinking ‘bout the highway
Gone with the gust
Sing songs for the bombs that fall in the dusk
We all want a little too much
Tryna clutch anything close enough to touch
And if I had the means
I would never be the mascot of y’ll team
Y’ll judging trials
I’m shoveling miles
Wanna go home and try to grow a couple of smiles
So I shift to the capital N
It happened before and it’ll happen again
Roll backwards into the street
Now talk amongst yourselves but try to keep it on beat
I got at least ten minutes to live
You not a thief just simulative
There’s no need to be a difficult finish
You can see you ain’t the only one considering getting it in
Claim that you ain’t afraid to die
Then why are you afraid to fly?
You better face the heights
Get your bravery stripes or get your name denied
Cause you was waiting for a safer ride
God bless I set up the bricks
Step through the mess didn't wreck the kicks
Dreamt that I lept off the edge of the ciff
Came back said the bodies up in heaven were thick
Changing lanes and re-arranging life
I ain’t tryna chase a trail of tail-lights
Manage pain to get the placement right
Stand up straight when you say goodnight

[Verse 2:]
And each broken glass shows a different view
I deal the truth y’ll pick and choose
This ain’t a game for you to win or lose
But I, never been in your shoes
But I, never make supper with suckers
It ain’t nothing if it ain’t about hunger
You think you cuttin’ the lumber
And I would love to be a fly on the cupboard
Whenever that bubble ruptures
And even when we save the day
We never do it believing that we don’t make mistakes
You don’t need to recognize my face
I’m trying to fly through time and space
Too late to erase me
With the windows down, January on Lake Street
Poppa got a brand new can of paint
Put your hands in the air like you work at the bank

Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now lyrics - atmosphere

Do you want respect, or do you want truth?

[Verse 1:]
Life's too short to be afraid of the dark
And we don't stop after making the mark
Separate your chest from your heart
To help everybody wag your tail with a lot less bark
Put the costume angst away
I was born on the year of the razorblade
I'm in the back corner of a one way train
This storm ain't nothing but Sunday rain
Let's go

(Do you want respect, or do you want truth?)
Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath
(Do you want respect, or do you want truth?)
We act like we got a whole lot of road left
(Do you want respect, or do you want truth?)
So don't mind if I drive with the top down
(Do you want respect, or do you want truth?)
Let me know that you know what you want now

[Verse 2:]
Earthbound, aim for the soft spot
So much purpose I walk like a molotov
Shot glass, rock hard, penetrate nonstop
Cops on the way with the bomb squad
Now let it be known
We're trying to get ahead before we get a headstone
But a rich man still face death alone
That's why we turn up the touch and connect the tone
Get shown


[Verse 3:]
Dashboard ain't clean as it was
Back before I first took the last seat on this bus
But the children dance when we beat the drums
And they still understand why we speak in tongues
All city, American built
A pocket full of cash take care of the guilt
The crabs all crash in a barrell of milk
But when they clear the snow I'mma steer the Seville
It goes, look for the sign, wait for the right time
A lifetime to outlive the night time
And when the paint chips fall
Gonna find my name on the wall with the crown in the skyline
I keep bad on the back of my mind
I'm an average guy, I just happen to fly
Supernatural high and I'm laughing inside
One nation with a capital I
Come on


[Verse 4:]
Everybody wanna be the next to blow
So let it flow, so fresh it grow
Just to let you know I could let you go, ho ho
Millenium Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-La-Ti-Do-Do

Everybody's difficult, everybody's simple
We all on death row, we all gon' tip toe
I run with kleptos, I still wear big clothes
Hold my dick the way you hold your crystals
Pissing in the middle of nowhere
Fishing in a lake full of frozen tears
I'm like a polar bear from the Southside of over there
I disappear into the open air, Atmosphere
Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath
We act like we got a whole lot of road left

She Don't Know Why She Love It lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Liar, you don't live nothing like your photo
Soft like a marshmallow, heart pumps cocoa
I put my hood up to look like a cobra
Minnesota make moves like a poker
No joker, shake up the snow globe
Blow me on a roller coaster at Como
I'm at the grocery store in my bathrobe
Bad bad daddy and I still ain't plateaued
Southsider, pied piper
Settin' traps for the rats in the choir
Big Slug got love for hire
With the turntables up on the drum riser
Now let your momma admire this rhyme writer
While I catch last dance at the Lamplighter
Don't ever fight the desire to kill a spider
If it bit the hand of a vampire

(She don't know why she love it)
I'm on top of the world
Watch the waves
(She don't know why she love it)
I'm at a truck stop, about to cop some shades
(She don't know why she love it)
I'm at the horse track, blacked out backstage
(She don't know why she love it)
There's a time and place to stop riding the brakes
(She don't know why she love it)

[Verse 2:]
Everything looks blurry to us
We not certain what we workin' to touch
Might remind you of an ordinary person but
I'm the shit, I get followed by a courtesy flush
Compel, the clientele
To get in line and smell what I'm tryna to sell
And if I cry it's not a cry for help
I live my life like I'm alive and well
So what if I, could justify the jump just to fly
What if we don't get another try? Skydive to survive
Hands up high we about to go live
The first to hate it is just the last to taste it
I'm tryna see past your makeshift
Face mask made of cheap masking tape
Sedate and then we amputate


So you mad now?
So you mad now?
I can see it in your eyes all that pain weighing heavy (Ha)
Cause it's my way obvious, one fifty down the highway (Fuck it)
She don't know why she love it

Hell lyrics - Atmosphere


[Verse 1:]
And I remember it like it was just last night
Yeah right, remember might be a little too much word
Everything was blurred, word?
When you can't see more than a few feet past your face
Tryna navigate, two feet through the avenues and alleyways
From Minneapolis to the North Cali Bay
We seen a whole lot of scene
Snakes move like water in a stream
The re-write got the green light
Still seem like nobody wanna intervene
Every minute that passes is permanent
But you made it this far, you deserve to live
I've had the time of my life and hurt worse than this
Tighten up that tourniquet

Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryna go no more
Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryna go no more

[Verse 2:]
Hell's not under the ground, Hell's all around
So either you didn't know or you just don't care
But I was in hell when you told me to go there
Let's make a mess, celebrate the flesh
If you tryna come up, you gotta place your bets
If you're tryna recover, you gotta take some steps
Wanna get in front of the crash
There's no more space to stash anything up under the dash
Can't relax, but need to detach
Turn the beats up to max and lean the seat back
Everybody's got an affliction
Everyone's got a condition
Some of us built our wrong position
Some of us still got no opinions
Oh, bored to death by the score they kept
Don't break character force your breath
And I don't mean any disrespect
But I'm looking forward to when I get to forget



I Don't Need No Fancy Shit lyrics - Atmosphere

I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
Look down at where you standing, it's
A thin line between hand and fist
I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
I'm an example of a man convinced
So let the planet spin and I'ma grab the wind
I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
And you don't know what the answer is
No body knows what that answer is

[Verse 1:]
Peter was my peeps who used to sell weed
Even though he didn't need to
He says he did it for the free smoke
But honestly he would've rather had a speed boat
Or a snowmobile or whatever
See the point is he didn't move enough to make a treasure
Never could have guessed that Pete would make a little impression
On a middle aged detective named Hamm
No irony, yeah Hamm
He didn't come to put the cuffs on your hands
He landed with a duffle and a plan but
Pete couldn't eat all of Hamm's demands
It was an awkward spot, officer thought
That Peter would be sittin' on a lot more crop
He did such a bad job at bein' a bad cop
That its obvious to me that the reason that he robbed him was Sidney
Sid was a sick kid that needed a kidney
The grandson, son of Hamm's son
You do what you gotta do for your fam son
Doesn't take a rocket scientist but I am one
The situation showed the pig for who he truly is
And gave the dealer an excuse to quit
And since Sid's Physician is Peter's father
You should mind your business don't be a bother

I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
Look down at where you standing, it's
A thin line between hand and fist
I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
I'm an example of a man convinced
So let the planet spin and I'ma grab the wind
I don't need no fancy shit
I'm only askin' ya "Can I live?"
And you don't know what the answer is
No body knows what that answer is

Idiot lyrics - Atmosphere

Whoever taught you how to speak your mind
Never knew you'd turn out to be an idiot
And I might be stupid
But I'ma keep it movin' like I know what I'm doin'
Whoever thought you had a God damn clue
Never knew you'd turn out to be an idiot
I might be a fool
But I seem so cool when I'm next to you

[Verse 1:]
I was in the middle of a selfie
When you were trying to text me
Genius Interuptus
Swing like Kirby Puckett
I'm as subtle as an alien abduction in public
Somebody call the cops
Suck it, blow the trumpet until the bubble pops
And butter up another patch of those muffin tops
I'm just trying to find a balance
Wound up with a wife and a gang of kids
Her kiss tastes like black licorice
And now I'm riding in the back of her ambulance
Knock knock knockin' on heavens door
Let me in yo I got a laminate
I guess Its my job to let y'all know
That those my nuts y'all tampered with


[Verse 2:]
I'm not the coolest
I'm just a dude thats got some flows
Attitude, a lot of soul
I got a wood nameplate says "I wish you Gold"
And this watch don't even work
And these people only came for the cheap dessert
And we can fight over a piece of dirt
Like all y'all ain't gunna leave the Earth
Might as well keep sand in a baggy
My favorite people call me Dad or Daddy
I never claimed to be too smart
I never been afraid of a new start
Luck-ay siete my wifes so fly all the suckers envy
Shes a beautiful soul to have and to hold
And wipe my butt when I get old


[Verse 3:]
Hey mamma can I call you Cupcake
You remind me of a status update
You're the wind beneath my limbs
It might sound weird but you look like Prince
Bang Bang under purple rain
Fertilized the egg in the back of a mustang
No shame, ain't no thang
Baby came out lookin' like K.D Lang, Yeaah


Prelude To Hell lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Somethin' at this party don't feel right
The vibe reminds me of an overnight drive
But I won't complain because it's not my place
And everybody got their own way to celebrate
It's all the same, it's all the difference
It's all about the aim mixed with the distance
It's all the pain and sickness
And everybody in this bitch is over privileged
Its like I'm in a bad movie called "Worst Party Ever"
A cameo from Snoop Dogg couldn't make it better
I'm lookin' for the line for the bathroom
But I'm too distracted by your awful tattoos
Its not meant to offend
If I neglect to pretend
To be impressed with the way you're dressed
And shut your mouth your breath smells like death
I'm convinced this whole house is possessed
A bunch of demons, all of ya'll are demons
I think the dog tried to warn me and I didn't believe him
But I can feel them all scheming on my feelings
Now I'm about to climb out this window towards freedom
Get off your chair and put your drink in the sky
Anybody could be gone in the blink of an eye
Spent my whole life reppin' my whole city
So when I die, I'ma take ya'll with me

Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryin' to go no more
Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryin' to go no more

"The Family Sign" (2011)

My Key lyrics - Atmosphere

I've got perfect misinterpret
Handful of my family tree
Dress rehearsal death and birth
We'll sing inside my key

I watched the sun set
I saw the snow fall
I stole paint to write your name on the stone wall
We made some babies
We made some messes too
Trying to do our best to push all of the blessings through
Half life gets spent behind a wheel
Tryin to claim innocent while I assemble my appeal
The blood and bones are pure as the tears
You could skip a stone and hit a full jury of my peers
But don't judge yet, just let the love get you wound up enough
To beat the sound off the drum set
And point your voice at the void
Rejoice, make noise like you had the choice
It goes.. over flow how much more can you hold
And still put faith first at the fork in the road
Search for the universal remote control
While the words spill out of the hole in your soul

Now close your eyes and crack a smile if you know me
While I spit into the sky cause I miss the little homie

Guess that it means if my people hurt
Somebody, please disturb my peaceful smirk
Take everything that I bring with me
Make who I be now,
Hear my family now

The Last To Say lyrics - Atmosphere

As far back as he cares to remember,
He used to see his old man lose the temper.
And Mama's pretty face'd catch it all.
On a regular basis the nest would fall.
But he was always safe from dad's rage
'Cause mama's sacrifice in his place.
Two dozen years, Of the blood sweet and tears.
Avoid the mirror, losin' her hair from the fear.
She never left him, stayed inside.
He beat her up until the day that he died.
In fact the biggest beating was the day that he died.
Cause now it's too late for her to make a new life.
She gets to mourn for the touch of a punch.
Won't ever admit that she ain't clutching it much.
Someday she'll die and still won't be done.
The anger lives on through their son.

Cause he saw, he caught it all,
A childhood of watchin' ma and pa get raw.
It's too bad for him; Naw' that's half the truth.
Cause you back with him now and he's smackin' you.
What happened to you? You don't have a clue.
Did your mamma use to suffer accidents too?
I never knew that you would stand for abuse.
I guess I just assumed that you would pack up and move.
Think about when you left him, Last time,
You said out loud, You'd never forgive past crime.
Sunglasses so dark, scarf around the neck to cover the choke marks.
And since you got it justify returnin',
You convinced yourself that he's just a hurt person.
You wanna blame that cross he bares,
But his pop's not there when he tosses you down stairs.

Let me be the last to say, please don't stay.
Let me be the last to say, you won't be okay.

Please put your shoes on and step into that warm weather.
Go get yourself a more better forever.
Gotta put it down, you gotta leave it,
And don't ever come back again; You gotta mean it.
Just tear it all apart and build new,
Cause' if you don't kill him he's gonna kill you.
You can't hold hands when they make fists,
And I ain't the first to say this but,

Let me be the last to say, please don't stay.
Let me be the last to say, you won't be okay.
Let me be the last to say, please don't stay.

Became lyrics - Atmosphere

It's no surprise I over slept, put my boots on and climbed out my tent.
I didn't see you, assumed you were sleeping, immediately start a fire 'cause it's freezing.
I can't believe we went camping in the cold; I'm in the wilderness standing in some snow.
A late start but we can still catch up, you need to wake up, we should eat and then pack up.
It's when I noticed your foot prints, snows fresh and those have been put since.
What you're already up, making the rounds? So where you at now, you laid back down?
The breeze came and it stalled out the flame, while I went to your tent and called out your name.
You didn't answer so I opened up the flap; it's just an empty sleeping bag and your backpack.
I'm looking at your tracks; you took a couple laps around the campground and hoofed down the path.
I figure you'll return no concern; I'm a hold put and try to make this cold wood burn.
The wind is blowing strong, the minutes rolling on, it's going on at least half an hour you've been gone.
It ain't right, start the paranoia; I left the camp site to go and search for ya.
I read the trail your feet made, each step was deliberately placed.
It looks like you know where it leads but I see nothing but leafless frozen trees.
About a ¼ mile into the course, another set of tracks appeared next to yours.
From the north it came out of the thick woods, and those footprints belong to a big wolf.
Trying to find service on my cellphone, I felt aight with my knife on my belt though.
I hope the wolf is intimidated by you, I wonder if you even knew what was behind you.
Stalkin ya, maybe watchin ya, waiting for the opportunity to hop on top of ya.
Salivatin wanna take ya to the stomach, in the cartoons you would have turned into a drumstick
And it gets about as bad it goes, 'cause I notice there's a new set of tracks in the snow.
I understood. It doesn't look good. Your fan club doubled now you've got another wolf.
And the odds are in favor of the home team, why'd you walk off all alone where you going?
It ain't the right time to complain, but it feels like I'm trying to find your remains.
Your foot prints grew further apart, I knew what that meant and it was hurting my heart.
It means you started to run so I did the same, now my breaths looking like a steam engine train.
Suddenly your tracks dip off of the path and so did theirs so my knife I grabbed.
Into the forest, expect the worst. Adrenaline burst disturbed the nerves.
50 yards into the woods and brush, it got so thick that it looked like dusk.
The air stood serene, sober, it seemed like a good 15 degrees colder.
And I'll admit hell ya I felt fear the sound of my heart beat was all I could hear.
Looking at the snow it was plain and clear there was a third set of wolf prints where yours disappeared.
I can't process, I don't follow. It would be easier to believe that you were swallowed.
With no sign of death, no sign of struggle, no signs of blood, no signs of trouble.
And the wolves never stopped, the tracks kept going and I took off.
So I don't know how your story ends, but I know I'll never go into those woods again.

It's not that tragic, it's not a shame.
You're not the hunted, you're not the aim.
You just another dog with hunger pains
I was so afraid that you'd become the game.

I forgot to worry about what you became.
You're not the hunted, you're not the aim.
You just another dog with hunger pains
I was so afraid that you'd become the game.

It's not that tragic, it's not a shame.
You're not the hunted, you're not the aim.
You just another dog with hunger pains
I was so afraid that you'd become the game.

I forgot to worry about what you became.

Just For Show lyrics - Atmosphere

So what you saying, I hear complaing
I could repeat every statement you made verbatim
I treated you better back in the day and
Now you feeling like I'm changing, like I'm not the same man
I used to force your heart rate to run a race
And now it's safe to say that it's running out of patience
Frustration, you want some separation?
You want no placement within this mess I'm making?
I'm painfully aware of my mistakes
And maybe you should break an escape from the situation
Or take a little taste of the blame
Then instead you still full of hate telling me get out your face, yeah

You don't really want, you don't really want me
You don't really want, you don't really want me to go
No you don't, that's just for show
You don't really want, you don't really want me
You don't really want, you don't really want me to go
No you don't, that's just for show

Now you wanna threaten me, is that what you're telling me?
Like if i don't step it up, what you gonna step from me?
Where you gonna go? You next to me steadily
At this point it's like I'm joined with your chemistry
Guess that it just wasn't meant to be our destiny
It's upsetting, see, I gave you the best of me
All my friends are like just let her leave, huh
So go ahead and pretend that I set you free, what?

You don't really want, you don't really want me
You don't really want, you don't really want me to go
No you don't, that's just for show
You don't really want, you don't really want me
You don't really want, you don't really want me to go
No you don't, that's just for show

Alright already, now you make this headache pound
I ain't trying to mess around, you ain't allowed to get me down
It's no sweat at all na I won't stress about
Anything projected out of your passive agressive mouth
Let it out, if we walking on a separate ground
Go ahead and step off with all of those brand new friends you found
Hit the town, you'll be back for a second round
If you was gonna leave me you would have already left me now

She's Enough lyrics - Atmosphere

If she want it
I'm gonna give it up
If she running low
I'm gonna fill her cup
If it spill, chill, I'm a clean it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough
If she needed the money
I would stick you up
If she's getting bored
I do some different stuff
Don't need anything just keep it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough

She wanna do the damn thing and I'm on her side
She opened up the wings and she gonna fly
She got no time for the fuss and fight
She does it right, she loves her life

She the one to put the kick in the drums
She the hot stove top when the winter comes
She hits the run, she can lift a ton
She gon stick to the job and get it done

She hop out and push if the motors dead
She gotta keep it moving with no regret
She's up in my head, but never oversteps
She let me know when it's time for us to go to bed
She's may lady case closed
She want a baby so I gave her one of those
Belly getting big, look at the tits grow
She want a song so I wrote one and it goes

If she want it
I'm gonna give it up
If she running low
I'm gonna fill her cup
If it spill, chill, I'm a clean it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough
If she needed the money
I would stick you up
If she's getting bored
I do some different stuff
Don't need anything just keep it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough

She the one that you wanna grow old with
She gotta touch it
She want to hold it
She gets focused
She's got the dopest kiss
She don't need you to tell, her already knows it is

She makes me laugh 'til I'm on that floor
She don't ask why I adore
She like to travel so we explore
Shes seen everything want to see some more

She the opposite of selfish
She love house pets, she wants to help kids
She pulled me out my shell
Fit tight like a belt now the suckers get jealous

Believe it don't get sweeter
She gonna make me sweat like fever
She wanna eat so we went to Dominguez
She want a ring, got me measuring her fingers

If she want it
I'm gonna give it up
If she running low
I'm gonna fill her cup
If it spill, chill, I'm a clean it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough
If she needed the money
I would stick you up
If she's getting bored
I do some different stuff
Don't need anything just keep it up
I'll be right here cause she's enough

Got me here, whatcha do now is up to you now
Got me here, whatcha do now is up to you
Got me here, whatcha do now is up to you now
Got me here, whatcha do now is up to you

Bad Bad Daddy

You can find me over there at the bar
You ain't even gotta ask
I don't know where they are
I'm a bad bad daddy
I'm a bad bad daddy
And I'm nasty
And I still ain't callin it quits
But Sean, what the fucks wrong with all of your kids
I'm a bad bad daddy
I'm a bad bad daddy

Sittin at the bar just minding my biz
I came down with all nine of my kids
And they all got an attitude
Mad cause I said we can't go to the zoo
It's not a lie
But daddys too high
If I drive, I will probably catch a DUI
Here, play with this pitcher of beer
Sit in there chairs, and don't disappear
Everybody on your best behavior
Tip the waitress, respect your neighbors
I'll be watchin
You know what not to do
Don't make me walk over here
Just to talk to you
I gave em all some money
So they could play pinball and put
grub in they tummies
Now Imma go get bombed
And you better not tell your mom
And like clockwork, soon as I stepped away
You know they got worse
They didn't hesitate
Of course they start with the horseplay
And then it escalates
Then you get a court case
Little Sluggos
Thugs and cutthroats
Big trouble, cigarettes, puff those
Smash bottles on the floor and
Writing graffiti, fighting with the door man
Playin with switchblades and matches
Pick pocketin the cash and the plastic
Gettin high out back by the trashcans
Tryin to get the waitress to give a lapdance
I can't control em
So Imma pretend I don't know em
Now let me celebrate and get drunk
Cause my wife missed her period again this month

You can find me over there at the bar
You ain't even gotta ask, I don't know where they are
I'm a bad bad daddy
I'm a bad bad daddy
And I'm nasty
And I still ain't callin it quits
But Sean, what the fucks wrong with all of your kids
I'm a bad bad daddy
I'm a bad bad daddy
Somebody slap me

Millenium Dodo lyrics - Atmosphere

I only act like an asshole
Why don't ya'll stay in back
Let the man grow
I can't tell what town this is
But I know that bill was a counterfeit
Hye bartender, bump a top jar
Gotta think about where to dump this cop car
I'm too slick, so fuck your bullshit
I'm coolin in the corner with my custom pool stick
My grandad must've played the jazz
When I bleed you can hear my heartbeat snap
All around the world, its the same bar
Wishin that the jukebox had some Gangstarr
State to state, I chase fate
But my stereo ate all my favorite tapes
So babydoll, you better straighten up the attitude
Or you ain't gonna make it with me
All the way to Baton Rouge
Call her mama, she make the milk pour
A 94', too high to read the billboard
Got a room at the Best Western
The guy at the front desk looks like Les Nessman
Hush now, not a sound
Shut the door, and lay your towel down
Ya'll run around and figure out what its all about
While I try to find a cure for this cotton mouth
I keep track of the miles I run
But read the flask, say Southside, son
Took a sip through the hole of my ski mask
Roll till we get to the Burbs for the cheap gas
Speed pass, Millenium Dodo
I got my own lane, I don't wait for the popo
So order up another plate of oysters
You talk so much, you makin my voice hurt
Dental floss inside of the glove box
Radio locked on the classic rock
With the mirrorball, Escape From New York style
Double parked outside of the court house
The windchill got a big ol butt
My breath fog all the windows up
Take a break from the rotten grapevines
Fill the tank and then spank the state lines
Never make this mountain move, naw you're bound to lose
But I knew that I could count on you
Next rounds on you (Is that true?)
Wash my sins off in the rain
Caught this fish now, light the flame
I only claim whats in my veins
That's my crown and that's my name
Gotta wait till they slash the price
Before you catch a life
But we can spend half the night with the dashboard light
(Is that right?)
I'm just sayin if its all a game, you can hang your pain
In the hall of fame
Don't make me explain, that's my crown and that's my name

The pick pockets call me Ali Baba
I'm here to sell you some magic water
You might know me as Jacob and Malcom's father
Rest in peace Eyedea and Sally Slaughter
Its like that ya'll

Who I'll Never Be lyrics - Atmosphere

She locked herself in that room
With a full view of a full moon
And this where she come to fly
When she wanna disappear from what's outside.
I try not to make it obvious
She doesn't know there's an audience.
These walls are ribbon thin
So it ain't my fault that I'm listenin'.
And I can make out every word
Cause she sing loud like a trapped bird
She looks out at the stars
When she writes songs on that guitar.

And every song you write without me,
Just another sad song to me.
And every song you write without me,
Sound like who I'll never be.

She picked up her instrument
And I don't know where I went.
I just close my eyes and float
Like I'm in there with her tryin' to hold all
The notes she hits, motionless,
A secret solo show she gives.
Sometimes she'll search for a line
And I wish I could give her one of mine.
But it would all unravel
If she found out I was in the shadows.
So I suppress what I obsess,
But your biggest fan wanna sing a duet.

Because every song you write without me,
Just another sad song to me.
And every song you write without me,
Sound like who I'll never be.

Familiar with the voice of the lonely,
Lost in the noise of the wind blowing,
Go ahead, girl, tell your story,
But the siren don't wail for holy.
Play your heart by strings,
With the parts you sing.
Can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings.
And if you ever get to smile,
I'll be right here tryin' to reconcile
My desire to admire your sadness.
You gonna rise from the fire and ashes.
And if it's all the same to you,
You oughta let me be the one to help change your tune

Cause every song you write without me,
Just another sad song to me.
And every song you write without me,
Sound like who I'll never be.

I Don't Need Brighter Days lyrics - Atmosphere

I don't need brighter days
I just need some faith

You got me walkin' away now
You got me walkin' away
You got me walkin' away now
You got me walkin' away

It was the year of the witch
Nobody steered clear of the ditch
They say brave when you don't flinch
But we never saw the blade, never had the chance to cringe
Don't ever forget to put misery on the guest list
Sippin' on a memory for breakfast
Middle of the of the party, all alone
You wanna dig up bones but your claws ain't grown
Put your half empty glass on a coaster, step backwards slow
Got a sky full of bats circlin' over the crowd
Your eyes go black when you open your mouth
I'm like, walkin on a frozen rain, wanna claim a block that's got no complaints
But I'm dyin in a city called look at me now
Little piggy wanna cook up the cow
I'm like, might as well knock down them walls
When the earthquakes follow you for all of your faults
Let the facade fall dead in the fog
While the voices that are inside of your head applaud
I'm like, everyone got a course to fly
Run towards a rise and aim for the sky
So high, sleepin' under the stars
You outgrew the sum of your parts
I used to run wild like a child of thieves
Now I, breathe quiet in a pile of leaves
With a space heater on the back of my porch
For when I take a break from attacking your fort
You said you want it
But you can't see the center of the web because you standin on it
Don't wait to escape from the ways you escape
Just throw your hands up and say

You got me walkin' away now
You got me walkin' away
You got me walkin' away now
You got me walkin' away

I don't need brighter days
I just need some faith

Ain't Nobody - Atmosphere

Spoke up, hold up, I'm on that grown-up stuff.
I'll be the butte of your joke, 'cause I can hold my cup.
You jumped in that tub, you're trying to soak it up.
You chose to go and get stuck, I'm not your gold rush.
Yea I showed up. Was hoping to post up.
Every few moments you move more closer.
I notice the donuts. I'm open to no such.
Like it's my obligation to show love, you know what?
Yeah you know what.

Yeah I came to party, but I don't wanna party with you.
You know I ain't nobody.
Yeah I came to party, but I don't wanna party with you.

Uh huh, that's when it became apparent,
That you're accustomed to the ways of embarrassment.
Uh huh, I want no place in your experiment,
But if I walk away you'll blame it on my arrogance.
Let's make this clear, I'm not your therapist.
There is no interest in hearing about your carelessness.
I'd rather disappear like a spirit
Just lift into the air, carry me away from where this is.
I'm not hearing.


Looking around for a cause to get lost to.
The drop off's too deep to try to cross through.
There's no crown for the fisherman that caught you,
So this the sound of me whistling the wrong tune.
It's gotta be obvious I'm not who you should talk to.
You oughta probably just walk, no one'll stop you.
Fly to the wash room, try to fix your costume.
Yeah I'm with somebody and I promise that she's not you.
Thought you knew.


Now you go and wait
Far away
Now you go and wait
Far away

Your Name Here lyrics - Atmosphere

How you doing?
Ain't seen you in a long time
Is everything all fine?
Doing your best?
I'm glad to hear it
It's all progress
Yeah that's the spirit
Look at you!
You look great!
It seems like you kept your self in good shape
You stopped drinking?
You back in school too?
That's fascinating...
So what you doing now a days?
You living here again or just vising for the holidays?
Yeah yeah
Hows your family?
Hows you mommy and daddy?
They living happily?
So tell me all about LA
You don't live in LA?
Hold up
Wait wait wait
Hows Chicago?
Well where you living then?
My fault
Please forgive me
Bad memories
So how's the big city?
You paying dues?
You making moves?
Yeah I always knew someday you'd break through
You've forever been a go getter
And I won't forget that
Bet that I'll remember
I never told you this but
I wish you the best, success and all that other shit.
But that's my que
I got stuff to do
It was a special surprise to bump into you
Stay safe
You have yourself a great day
What was that?
What you say?
My phone number?
Nah I don't think so
I only gave it to a handful of close people.
Let's not make this into an issue
But the truth is...

I don't miss you

La La La La La
I will disappear
La La La La La
No far and no near
La La La La La
You are not my dear

I don't care where you go from here

La La La La La
I will disappear
La La La La La
No far and no near
La La La La La
You are not my dear

There's no tears next to your name here...

La La La La La

La La La La La

If You Can Save Me Now lyrics - Atmosphere

If you can save me now,
Let's go someplace safe and sound.
I'll try not to weigh you down,
But I don't know if I can wait around.
If you can save me now,
Let's go someplace safe and sound...

It happened fast, like a camera flash.
The accident - then the aftermath.
Not even sure what caused the crash.
If I had the strength, I would probably laugh.
I'm so relaxed.
Warm like blood.
Layin' on my back in the sun-dried mud.
There's no point in even trying to get up.
I got my eyes glued to the blue sky above.
And it's been a beautiful summer.
It reminds me of when I was younger.
Used to count down to the sound of thunder
I smell fresh cut grass mixed with the burnt rubber.
And I don't need to take a glance to know,
Cause' I can hear the traffic as it passes slow.
They' on the other side of the window -
Checkin' out the damage, lookin' at the show.
I can hear the sirens get near.
Mama used to tell us to plug our ears.
It get's so loud and clear until every other noise disappears.

And right now I'm tryin' to block it out,
By imagining the sounds that come out' your mouth.
I saw two birds fly south,
And I thought about the day we bought that house.
Memories seem so real. just like everything that I feel.
Tried to coast on all five wheels.
I wanna cry, I keep the tears concealed.
I hear voices; footsteps.
A cops radio off to the left.
The noise made me reflect.
Somewhere along the way I must've caught my breath.
Drifting. dreaming. and then I heard somebody screaming.
But I don't even want to know the reason,
So I kept my focus on the view I'm seeing.
Started thinkin' bout the ones that's gone.
Everybody from the past that passed on.
You played your cards, had to stand strong.
But it ain't that hard to sing a sad song.
We all got scars and broken parts.
But most of the marks stay close to my heart.
Waitin' for the down-poor to start.
The rain clouds over my head got dark.
And then I saw my angel cut through the storm -
She was in a firefighter uniform.
I close my eyes so I can see some more
And for the first ever I remember bein' born.

If you can save me now,
Let's go someplace safe and sound.
I'll try not to weigh you down,
But I don't know if I can wait around.

I say ...

If you can save me now,
Let's go someplace safe and sound.
I'll try not to weigh you down,
But I don't know if I can wait around.

I say...

But I don't know if I can wait around, I say..

I'll try not to weigh you down, but I don't know if I can wait around, I say...

If you can save me now.

Something So lyrics - Atmosphere

They tell me that, I'm not qualified,
To lend my voice to something so beautiful.
Late night, awake with the stars.
Stage fright, you came so far.
No more wait, it's time to depart.
See it on my face, feel it in my heart.
Suitcase packed, put it in the car.
Took one last look at the yard, snows gone, it's never growin' back.
Rolled on with the windows cracked.
No sounds, just the breath of the draft.
Slow down; don't wreck, don't crash on a,
Road vacance, no one to pass and I'm,
So anxious, won't relax.
Clear the path, these tears I have are 'cause I can't wait to hear you laugh.
They tell me that, I'm not qualified,
To lend my voice to something so beautiful.
They tell me that, I'm not qualified,
To lend my voice, to something so beautiful.
We only get to live one time, but twice did my life stand in some sunshine.
I could lose eyesight, I could end up blind.
But I drew my design inside the bloodline.
Years go by, memories combine.
But y'all the only reason I would even rewind.
Thank you for the branch you grew on this tree.
Your first breath wasn't easy to find.
So you signified the mountain you climbed,
By lettin' out a warriors cry and it sounded like mine.
Now everybody hold up the family sign.
They tell me that I'm not qualified,
To lend my voice to something so beautiful.

My Notes lyrics - Athmosphere

I saw the sun rise, then the green grew
Weaving through the concrete cracks that we cling to
As long as I can hit my notes, I'ma
Try to keep up with my folks
I smelled rain that brought the flash flood
With a river of permanent tear drops and rap hugs
Bad luck, play with the effortless
So I backed away from quick benefits
She'd skin of those that spit venomous
Yeah that's him, he's the one that tips generous
Still trying to define my description
A life with a little spare time for living
But even if I wanna hold the position
I gotta go, like "Daddy don't know any different"
I saw the noon sky, look at the snow melt
I left most my baggage up in a hotel
As long as I can hit my notes, I'ma
Travel down that gravel road
I heard a bird cry - it was pathetic
Man, if you can fly, spread feathers like a message
As long as I can hit my notes, I'ma
Stay on top this box of soap
I felt the track slip, but didn't pull breaks
I'm half dead, but already got a full plate
As long as I can hit my notes...

Millennium Dodo 2 lyrics - Athmosphere

Never run of the mill when I shoot the pill
I'm a son of a spill, I've got boots to fill
Showed up with a deuce-deuce of swill
and a guardian angel on my Coupe de Ville
Shark in the lake, heart strike the drum
Mark landscape with a dart-like tongue
Spit my blood from deep in the gut
Smoking cigarette butts with my fingerless gloves
Pull over at the welcome sign
and raise a toast to those that fell behind
Everybody else got a crippled spine
from tryna take it back to a simple time
Keep a little pine tree, hang from my rearview
Beats turned up just enough not to hear you
Gonna swim till the fins get torn
I shall return, keep the engine warm

Millennium Dodo
Pull out your telephone and take you a photo
You didn't know? Better read the logo
You don't wanna play around and get ocho
Recline like I don't care
The world is mine and I ain't gon' share
Now everybody blow smoke in the air
I keep my eyes on the road, but I know that you stare

Now I was at the party sleeping on the couch
when I decided to grab a bottle of something and bounce
I'd rather be by myself
than have to navigate another fake cry for help
On the beaten path with a bandaged fist
to represent the last half of the damn I give
Play me in slow-mo', fly like a blimp
Millennium Dodo, drive with a limp
Windows down, heater blasting
Got my coffee but I need some aspirin
Watch me merge into speeding traffic
with the truck-stop plastic, cheap sunglasses
Show respect
You broke down on the side of the road, wanna choke my neck
I've got a glovebox full of stolen checks
and I drink moonshine that the chrome reflects


Flannel, look like a farmer
Underneath camo, look like a hunter
With that ski mask, look like a robber
Sleeping in the barn with the doctor's daughter
Got stories to wax, pour me a glass
I run with the ghosts of warriors past
South side, call it pop life
Y'all catch frostbite waiting at a stoplight
All over the map we get festive
It's a matter of class
You can tell by my lack of attractive skeptics
You just mad at my moustache
Hey girl, we'll always have Memphis
But right now, I want breakfast
With the pedal to the metal till we hit West Texas
then cross to Mexico to see my dentist


Cut You Down lyrics - Atmosphere

My old lady say I'm paranoid
She thinks that I'm not on point
cause I pace around with no purpose
Observant, peek out the curtains
I don't recognize that car
So why's it parked right in front of my yard?
It's been there for the last few minutes
It seems too suspicious
It's gon' be another long night
So set the alarm and the motion lights
Protect my house
That fence ain't enough to keep the riffraff out
Somebody gon' test
I'm breaking out in a sweat
It make the hair on my arms all stand up tall
If it's a private number I don't answer the call
I'm simple, I want some peace
from all the criminals, thugs and thieves
And I ain't tryna involve police
cause I don't trust any government employees
I believe everybody's a threat
You better take it down to the next doorstep
But if you wan' doubt and pop some
I'm sleeping on my couch with a loaded shotgun

And if you wan' fuck around
I'm gon' cut you down
And if you wan' fuck around
I'm gon' cut you down
And if you wan' fuck around

Shhh, I hear a helicopter
I swear it's out there
Calm down, don't make the wrong move
cause I don't know who that van belongs to
I'm checking over both my shoulders
I bet they got my name in they folders
I'm trying to stay inside
cause it's the only way to hide from the satellites in the sky
Get off my property
Why you stalking me?
And those guys from across the street
better keep they eyes off my wife piece
None of y'all are watching birds
So who's in the alley with binoculars?
Got more detour to steer through
for the sedan in my rearview
I crouch on the floor
cause knocking on my door is an act of war
And if the guy from the bank
wanna come see me, he better drive a tank
I ain't nuts yet, I'm just upset
cause y'all treat me like a suspect
I'm innocent, give me personal space
before I flip the switch and turn up the bass