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Bitter lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Everything used to be so good then
Now it seems like you're mad at my footprints
I'm only trying to scribble in the book, man
It's not my fault that y'all couldn't
You must have a lot of free time
Otherwise why are you trying to see mine
Strain your neck, let the blame project
But don't give yourself the same respect
So independent but undependable
We're all getting old, now take a mental note
And stop being so covetous
The crime is the punishment
Now run and get a slither of dignity
You ain't gotta be a figure of misery
You don't want to be a victim to victory
Listening to a bitter sweet symphony

You're so bitter
You call this a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
Your jealousy needs an anthem too
You're so bitter
You're as cold as a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
And all of these dreams that can't come true

[Verse 2:]
We used to get up in Uptown
Then we hit the highway to run around
Came home everybody wanna judge now
Don't let them see you celebrate your touchdown
Keep clutching those grudges
Don't budge if no budget
The old puppets show love in public
But behind the back can't trust it
Disgusted, repugnant
Insulted, repulsive
Discouraged, rejection
No protection from your own reflection
Chip on your shoulder big as a boulder
Insecurities a slippery slope
Got ya looking around for the sympathy vote
Anything to give a little glimmer of hope


[Verse 3:]
Treat love like a limited resource
Fight for it like there's never gonna be more
On the rooftops talk to the spaceships
Like you've got 2Pac locked in the basement
Get the bag, make the get away exit
You get mad like your middle name desperate
No net, better not get left back
Yeah, you should probably protect that
I'm trying to keep it simple, teeth to the nipple
Beat my chisel, leave my initials
Fly so far when you follow the signals
Sky full of stars and all of them wishful
Not only are we bitter but we're brittle
The world's getting small, and everybody's little
Go roll your eyeballs, toot your own whistle
Don't ever stop waiting for the window


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