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"SouthSiders" (2014)

Camera Thief lyrics - Atmosphere

Camera thief
Take pictures
Run like the parallel stitches
Attach my feet to the path I beat
Teach myself to keep the answers brief
Gnash my teeth like the last to feast
Imagine me on that abandoned beach
Sand and sea as if the jazz was free
I’m Ice cream mixed with gasoline
Direct attention to the craftsmanship
Neglect to mention that the past will stick
Like initials carved in the concrete
Like the tattoo that hides on your mommy
I still kick it with angels
The difference is that instead of the bar, I’m at my kitchen table
The starlight shines through the glass
But you feel safe underneath that mask

Ferris Wheel, give rides
These scars healed in time to get high
Lock the doors and hide the keys
Lets go describe how to climb a tree
Don’t sign the lease just cop a corner
For you to curl up and try to sleep
Those cheap police won't find my wings I keep my dreams inside my dreams
And If I had a time machine
I’d probably use it like a vacuum and try to clean
It kind a seems, quite more than a handful of these regrets have been circumstantial
Now give me all the cash out the drawer
Touch that mustache down on the floor
And I’ll be in court holding a pitchfork
Before I let the contest outlast the sport

Pocket watch, impatient
Find a mate then make the migration
Break the rules, but first break the rulers
And keep it moving like a rumor
I don’t need to defend my defensiveness
I keep to myself, my family, and friendships
I’ve got enough people I could disappoint
If you disagree I think you missed the point
Now go ahead and grab a chair
Let me tell you about the last few years
Pulled out a sack full of Samson’s hair
And put it on the dash like a dancin’ bear
I wrote you a horoscope
It won't fit on this post-it note
But if I had to sum it up into a shorter quote
It goes fuck it, you might as well row that boat

Arthur's Song lyrics - Atmosphere

38th street station

Sippin’ on that brown stuff
Got you feeling like you found love
Or maybe it was just luck
But honestly it’s probably none of the above
Train tracks underneath the faceless moon
The paybacks gonna want a statement soon
Been a few years since the last cigarette
But if you put your finger inside the flask, still wet
Stick with the fool like shit to the wool
Gotta get some tools to try to fix these jewels
Cause we don’t need to hear you sing
Of how you spent your time as king
Being mad at everything, huh
And even when we haven’t seen the sun for days
I keep squint like it’s shining right up in my face
Everyones a critic of the minutes I waste
Got me waiting in a line, got me running in place
I don’t really know what to tell ya
Say I spent too much time in the cellar
I’ve experienced a life full of accidents
Tryna write it all down before it vanishes
Wanna remember every adventure
But a percentage of ‘em only exist in the abyss
Spin ‘em around like a popular record
My head feels lighter than the fuzz on a feather
I try to put the shapes in order
But in case I get cornered
I'mma sharpen up the darts
I truly hold sorrow in my heart
For every heart that never got carved into the bark
I wish that everyone could leave a mark
But every part wasn’t meant to be a piece of art
You either carpe diem or fade away into the dark
While everybody else watches waiting for the stop to start
With all due respect to my liver
We tryna get as high as the little dipper
Got love for my people that survive the blizzard
But it’s a flood of liquor on my side of the river
We face pain with pain
Everybody's the same
Waiting caught in the rain
I guess that’s why I write about it
It help me wrap my head around it
No matter what the worlds tryna take from you
No matter what the world’s tryna make you prove
No matter what the world’s tryna say to you
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through
You gotta write your way through

The World Might Not Live Through The Night lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
You better dead those tears, uh, they say the end is near
And I doubt that they were talking about this can of beer
Get on the purple motorcycle and ride
We're still trying to party like it's 1999
Times out of ten
We're all looking at our fate like a date and we hoping that she brought a friend
Lean on the same crutches
Like a new gameplan ain't nothing to fuck with
Pass the judgement upon the left hand side
Splash in the flood like you'll never get dry
Run like the blood from a dead man's pride
Everybody bets with their life
And lately I feel like the meal got tasty
Trying to look at what the cook's putting in the gravy
I know I'm not crazy, I just got so much soul the devil hates me

Sing a song we will recite
Worked so long to build your life
But it could feel so wrong to feel alright
When the world might not live through the night x2

[Verse 2:]
We're supposed to live in fear
Otherwise mama might see you in some prison gear
Gotta be a model civilian
And get your name printed on a bottle full of pills and
Spill your guts into a dixie cup
Give no fucks, kiss no butts
So edgy, such a rebel
Low levy, another level
But everybody want the same thing, we all want the same things
We all wanna chase dreams
Celebrate trying to maintain with a little more time to appreciate this painting
Now pretend you're not alone
And put your hands up in the air like a drone
Yeah, now hold 'em over your head like your home got invaded by the FEDs


[Verse 3:]
Apocalyptic, little predictable
Oppurtunity, hypocritical
I got a wristband, give me access
We gonna party 'til they bomb Minneapolis
And we'll admit that it's not that complex
Just a big popularity contest
Working with the same tools ever since grade school
Now say a prayer for the pimp and pump the keg, dude
And if you try you could get so high
Convinced you could kiss the sky
And that seem better than trying to be a better friend
Hold your breath in and dive into the decadence
I'm lucky I'm alive just to represent
And document my life in the present tense
So I'ma keep talking shit until mama nature kicks us off the tit


Star Shaped Heart lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Dusty trails
Jezabels singing about heads and tails
Breast pocket full of useless words
I made a promise I would prove my worth
I gotta work, gotta work 'til I sweat poison
You gaining on it like you tryin' ta exploit him
I gave a fuck when I was a lot younger
But Lady Luck got a box cutter
She laughs at her suiters, consumers
Tune her in the letter, blast out the woofers
The usual is the new normal
Beautiful lurks in the background vocals
I don't shit in the sandbox
I'm not winning the dance off

And I ain't trying to sound scummy
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

[Verse 2:]
Tattoo say "loves life"
Attitude like a sunrise
And when the tongue come untied
You keep it on a quick draw like a gunfight
If it's done right strange is a single arm
The truth is I only came here to read your palms
The freaks keep it moving 'til the beat is gone
We're trying to grow a greener lawn
It goes "oh my goodness"
We got too much love, now there's nowhere to put it
Time flew like it's designed to do
And all we left behind were clues
The handprints are bloody
Because the puppy outran the bunny

And I ain't trying to sound hungry
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

[Verse 3:]
Do you like to make party?
Yeah, you and who's army?
Man, we're on a random mission
With a van full of vandalism
Study my mannerisms
These are not the hands of a handsome prince
But I feel like a supernova
Don't lose control of the booze or the motor
I got a star shaped heart
You got a house made out of face cards
This graveyard used to be a K-Mart
But before that it was a graveyard
You can't be a rich man
If your soul is a swimming pool of quicksand

And I ain't trying to sound funny
But if you lick my wounds it taste like money

I Love You Like A Brother lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
She might cry herself to sleep tonight
You might act like everything feels alright
I might bite my lip, like the silent type
You might make a fist, like you trying to fight
Got ghosts that haunt that home
And if you didn't want that known then don't put it on a throne
You separate the foe from the friend by the showmanship
And the bones that don't bend
So now I'm studying your moves like
You the only one that knew how to do right
Present it with a sleeve of success
Like we all benefit if you achieve and progress
Maybe you're right maybe I'm just left but
Unless you walk a flight in my steps but
Unless you slept a night in my nest
You shouldn't waste your breath to criticize my mess

I love you like a brother
Even though I'm not your brother
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost in the applause
I love you like a sister
Even though you're not my sister
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost

[Verse 2:]
Used to be rock, but now it's roll
Looking at the clock and the remote control
The circle contracts till you all alone
I put that on the people you've outgrown
And maybe it was all for show
But it was so convincing that the ground got cold
I guess anything's possible, under a spotlight we all got a note to hold
It goes
Don't throw no stones if you're living in a fish bowl
Blow a kiss though
Where the aim is based on which way the wind floats
And pride is a bottle on a fence post
I keep the shoes laced up
In case the people I love come to shoot the place up
I know we ain't cut from the same cloth
But a lot of those fights were just to say we fought
The mother turns, life is fragile
The struggle burns from inside of the candle
It doesn't matter how far you run from it, you're still gonna find it
You come from it
And even though we all equivalent
We gotta, hold on to the differences
We gotta, stand up for what we won't fall for
Let's give a round of applause for
All of all of y'all


Southsiders lyrics - Atmosphere

Whole Southside
Whole Southside
Whole Southside
Biddie bye bye, biddie bye bye, biddy bye bye, what?

[Verse 1:]
Whole Southside been up in your guts
Don't know how to describe how much you suck
And it's not just you, but everyone of you plus
Follow each other around like a bunch of ducks
Just turn the music up and get dumb
Stretch your skin around the biggest drum
Born from a neighborhood of click and run
And already gave away my stick of gum
Just find a torch and light the ceiling
Life's too short to fight the feeling
I get a little paranoid for no reason
When the jukebox plays Don't Stop Believin'
My level dries like a rebel
But it's alright, it's a rental
Your consent is so incidental
We want what we want, we ain't trying to settle
We last forever through the echo
Some say special, some say essential
Went to hell to threaten the devil
And separate the horns like bass and trebel


[Verse 2:]
Wrote my name on blocks of cinder
Kissed my name on top of winter
Say my name when you're in denial
But not too many times, it might dim your smile
And if it's all the same
I'm a flood that thin little train that you call a lane
Knocked down any walls that remain
I'll bring the balls and y'all bring the chains
When I'm dead you can flip the mattress
Put me in a jar and kiss my ashes
Or put my body in the middle of traffic
Buttnaked in a glasscasket, what?
Minneapolis, got love for the after kiss
Y'all the baddest bitch, so passionate
Let me hear you say fuck the establishment
Say it, show me a player that's mad at this
And I'mma show you a hater and a masochist
Y'all think that I got a damn to give
Do I look like I drive a fucking ambulance?


Bitter lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Everything used to be so good then
Now it seems like you're mad at my footprints
I'm only trying to scribble in the book, man
It's not my fault that y'all couldn't
You must have a lot of free time
Otherwise why are you trying to see mine
Strain your neck, let the blame project
But don't give yourself the same respect
So independent but undependable
We're all getting old, now take a mental note
And stop being so covetous
The crime is the punishment
Now run and get a slither of dignity
You ain't gotta be a figure of misery
You don't want to be a victim to victory
Listening to a bitter sweet symphony

You're so bitter
You call this a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
Your jealousy needs an anthem too
You're so bitter
You're as cold as a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you
And all of these dreams that can't come true

[Verse 2:]
We used to get up in Uptown
Then we hit the highway to run around
Came home everybody wanna judge now
Don't let them see you celebrate your touchdown
Keep clutching those grudges
Don't budge if no budget
The old puppets show love in public
But behind the back can't trust it
Disgusted, repugnant
Insulted, repulsive
Discouraged, rejection
No protection from your own reflection
Chip on your shoulder big as a boulder
Insecurities a slippery slope
Got ya looking around for the sympathy vote
Anything to give a little glimmer of hope


[Verse 3:]
Treat love like a limited resource
Fight for it like there's never gonna be more
On the rooftops talk to the spaceships
Like you've got 2Pac locked in the basement
Get the bag, make the get away exit
You get mad like your middle name desperate
No net, better not get left back
Yeah, you should probably protect that
I'm trying to keep it simple, teeth to the nipple
Beat my chisel, leave my initials
Fly so far when you follow the signals
Sky full of stars and all of them wishful
Not only are we bitter but we're brittle
The world's getting small, and everybody's little
Go roll your eyeballs, toot your own whistle
Don't ever stop waiting for the window


Mrs. Interpret lyrics - Atmosphere

J'ai faim
J'ai soif
J'ai besoin de toi
de toi

[Verse 1:]
I could look you in the face for all time
And even if I fall blind I'll still see you in my mind
You got the grace of a raven
It ain't no misbehaving if I tell you that you're the taste that I'm cravin'
You can't imagine all the time and dedication
Trying to find a way to obtain your validation
And sometimes we stayed up untill the sunrise
Talking about nothing but that love jive
And if we're gonna keep it legit
I got a little secret that I need to admit
You see, ever since I was a teenage mess
I've had a hard time interpreting the opposite sex
But I need you, girl, that's my word
Now could you please repeat your last few words?
Most beautiful voice I've ever heard
But you might as well have a mouth full of baby birds


[Verse 2:]
And then she asked me if I caught a singe thing she said
I involuntarily nodded my head
Honestly I did hear your actual voice
But the words blended with the background noise
I must've got lost in my mind somehow
And now I'm too far behind to try and figure it out
The fact is I don't know what you're talking about
And I'm distracted by the gymnastics up in your mouth
Truthfully it's not you, it's me
Cause you're the moon that moves the sea
See, I guess there's a limit to my listening
And then I get dissmissive and treat it as if it's gibberish
And I don't mean to be blunt
Cause I know we'll probably talk about this for the rest of the month
But my life wouldn't be complete
If I didn't get to misread the shit you speak


So what you need?
Yeah, maybe I never knew how to communicate
So what you need?
Nah, I never learned how to ice skate
So what you need?
Go ahead finish your thought, I'll wait
So what you need?


Fortunate lyrics - Atmosphere

I highly doubt that y'all think about sex
Anywhere near as often as I think about death
Go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs
But don't wake the baby up, we got a lot to get done
That little light indicates a connection
And if it's all the same I'd like to make a suggestion
See, if everybody on this comet agreed
We could set the clock to whenever we want it to be
I just might just modify the mileage
I don't know much, but I'm confident the fight's fixed
So high that I feel like a pilot
Falling out the sky full of brilliant brightness
Hurry up, stir me up
You gotta learn the words before the whole Earth burning, but
We wouldn't even need to recognize your birthday
If you were the center of the universe in the first place
If I had feathers I would fly away
If I felt fresher in fur I would hibernate
If I ever figured out how to communicate
Maybe then we could accumulate
For now face the wall, I ain't the same as y'all
A real friend wouldn't make you take the fall
Sometimes life'll try to break your balls
With the long list of missed wakeup calls

You know I wanna feel special
Walk around the festival carrying a big stuffed animal
I try not to make a mess though
Gotta stay sensible, ain't nobody coming with the antidote
I wanna watch you grow
And I wanna leave the planet better off than it was handed to me
And I don't know, there's possibility
So I settle for selling my soul to the slaves of the land of the free
I don't wanna leave my family tree behind
I don't anyone to miss me like I miss you
But I don't wanna take up too much time
I'm not trying to run away from the line we drew
The sunshine seems to feel so seamless
The soldier is a dreamer and a realist
And history sealed this
Thought me that a hero ain't nothing but a field trip
Nah, I know you're down to do something profound
Put a stick in the ground to prove you was around
No amount of time will ever be considered enough
I'm trying to tether it up and live forever through love
We're not lucky, but we're fortunate
I'm pretty sure of it
And all the life we wasted trying to make some bread
Might've been better spent trying to raise the dead