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She Don't Know Why She Love It lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Liar, you don't live nothing like your photo
Soft like a marshmallow, heart pumps cocoa
I put my hood up to look like a cobra
Minnesota make moves like a poker
No joker, shake up the snow globe
Blow me on a roller coaster at Como
I'm at the grocery store in my bathrobe
Bad bad daddy and I still ain't plateaued
Southsider, pied piper
Settin' traps for the rats in the choir
Big Slug got love for hire
With the turntables up on the drum riser
Now let your momma admire this rhyme writer
While I catch last dance at the Lamplighter
Don't ever fight the desire to kill a spider
If it bit the hand of a vampire

(She don't know why she love it)
I'm on top of the world
Watch the waves
(She don't know why she love it)
I'm at a truck stop, about to cop some shades
(She don't know why she love it)
I'm at the horse track, blacked out backstage
(She don't know why she love it)
There's a time and place to stop riding the brakes
(She don't know why she love it)

[Verse 2:]
Everything looks blurry to us
We not certain what we workin' to touch
Might remind you of an ordinary person but
I'm the shit, I get followed by a courtesy flush
Compel, the clientele
To get in line and smell what I'm tryna to sell
And if I cry it's not a cry for help
I live my life like I'm alive and well
So what if I, could justify the jump just to fly
What if we don't get another try? Skydive to survive
Hands up high we about to go live
The first to hate it is just the last to taste it
I'm tryna see past your makeshift
Face mask made of cheap masking tape
Sedate and then we amputate


So you mad now?
So you mad now?
I can see it in your eyes all that pain weighing heavy (Ha)
Cause it's my way obvious, one fifty down the highway (Fuck it)
She don't know why she love it

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