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My Lady Got Two Men lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
Let me start by telling you I love you
Thank you for making me a part of the puzzle
I imagine it was quite the struggle
But you still found time and taught yourself to juggle
Girl, would you give me a kiss for a fist full of flowers?
This could be ours
Girl, could you get rid of that other dude?
Cut him loose and kick him to the multitude
I can't picture why you would split your time
Between I and an additional guy
Seems like more wear then it's worth when
You're the one who gotta bare this burden
I give you love and respect
But that other stud got nothing to give but stress
Life as a wifey shouldn't be so hard
But everybody gotta be who they think they are, listen

My lady got two men
One's a stranger and the other's a friend
She keeps us both cause she needs us
Zig-zag back and forth in between us
My lady got two lovers
One for the funk and the other for the comfort
I'm trying to understand
But I gotta figure out which one I am

[Verse 2:]
It's obvious that I'm better than him
If you got me sense you won't settle for him
We all sacrifice pride for passion
I'm not sure what you're waiting for to happen
But I feel like a doctor, I got a lot of patience
I co-operated with the operation
Complications, observation
Parked in your lot, can I get some validation?
I'm just saying, gotta escape from the frustration
Wanna express yourself, make a statement
But I don't expect you to change the arrangement
And the truth is I try to support
But I can't thrive when I'm ignored
And I can see that you don't wanna cut the cord
But it's gotta be something more than this tug of war
Girl, you're the shine on the crown
So why you try and let that clown come around?
From now and 'til the universe swallows the Earth
I won't pretend that I can follow how it works
Ever since this began I've been a different man
And then a different man and then a different man
I wonder who I'm gonna be tonight
Just take our hand and it'll be alright, come here

[Hook x2]

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