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The World Might Not Live Through The Night lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
You better dead those tears, uh, they say the end is near
And I doubt that they were talking about this can of beer
Get on the purple motorcycle and ride
We're still trying to party like it's 1999
Times out of ten
We're all looking at our fate like a date and we hoping that she brought a friend
Lean on the same crutches
Like a new gameplan ain't nothing to fuck with
Pass the judgement upon the left hand side
Splash in the flood like you'll never get dry
Run like the blood from a dead man's pride
Everybody bets with their life
And lately I feel like the meal got tasty
Trying to look at what the cook's putting in the gravy
I know I'm not crazy, I just got so much soul the devil hates me

Sing a song we will recite
Worked so long to build your life
But it could feel so wrong to feel alright
When the world might not live through the night x2

[Verse 2:]
We're supposed to live in fear
Otherwise mama might see you in some prison gear
Gotta be a model civilian
And get your name printed on a bottle full of pills and
Spill your guts into a dixie cup
Give no fucks, kiss no butts
So edgy, such a rebel
Low levy, another level
But everybody want the same thing, we all want the same things
We all wanna chase dreams
Celebrate trying to maintain with a little more time to appreciate this painting
Now pretend you're not alone
And put your hands up in the air like a drone
Yeah, now hold 'em over your head like your home got invaded by the FEDs


[Verse 3:]
Apocalyptic, little predictable
Oppurtunity, hypocritical
I got a wristband, give me access
We gonna party 'til they bomb Minneapolis
And we'll admit that it's not that complex
Just a big popularity contest
Working with the same tools ever since grade school
Now say a prayer for the pimp and pump the keg, dude
And if you try you could get so high
Convinced you could kiss the sky
And that seem better than trying to be a better friend
Hold your breath in and dive into the decadence
I'm lucky I'm alive just to represent
And document my life in the present tense
So I'ma keep talking shit until mama nature kicks us off the tit


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