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Mrs. Interpret lyrics - Atmosphere

J'ai faim
J'ai soif
J'ai besoin de toi
de toi

[Verse 1:]
I could look you in the face for all time
And even if I fall blind I'll still see you in my mind
You got the grace of a raven
It ain't no misbehaving if I tell you that you're the taste that I'm cravin'
You can't imagine all the time and dedication
Trying to find a way to obtain your validation
And sometimes we stayed up untill the sunrise
Talking about nothing but that love jive
And if we're gonna keep it legit
I got a little secret that I need to admit
You see, ever since I was a teenage mess
I've had a hard time interpreting the opposite sex
But I need you, girl, that's my word
Now could you please repeat your last few words?
Most beautiful voice I've ever heard
But you might as well have a mouth full of baby birds


[Verse 2:]
And then she asked me if I caught a singe thing she said
I involuntarily nodded my head
Honestly I did hear your actual voice
But the words blended with the background noise
I must've got lost in my mind somehow
And now I'm too far behind to try and figure it out
The fact is I don't know what you're talking about
And I'm distracted by the gymnastics up in your mouth
Truthfully it's not you, it's me
Cause you're the moon that moves the sea
See, I guess there's a limit to my listening
And then I get dissmissive and treat it as if it's gibberish
And I don't mean to be blunt
Cause I know we'll probably talk about this for the rest of the month
But my life wouldn't be complete
If I didn't get to misread the shit you speak


So what you need?
Yeah, maybe I never knew how to communicate
So what you need?
Nah, I never learned how to ice skate
So what you need?
Go ahead finish your thought, I'll wait
So what you need?


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