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I Love You Like A Brother lyrics - Atmosphere

[Verse 1:]
She might cry herself to sleep tonight
You might act like everything feels alright
I might bite my lip, like the silent type
You might make a fist, like you trying to fight
Got ghosts that haunt that home
And if you didn't want that known then don't put it on a throne
You separate the foe from the friend by the showmanship
And the bones that don't bend
So now I'm studying your moves like
You the only one that knew how to do right
Present it with a sleeve of success
Like we all benefit if you achieve and progress
Maybe you're right maybe I'm just left but
Unless you walk a flight in my steps but
Unless you slept a night in my nest
You shouldn't waste your breath to criticize my mess

I love you like a brother
Even though I'm not your brother
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost in the applause
I love you like a sister
Even though you're not my sister
We all got a few flaws
But let's try not to get too lost

[Verse 2:]
Used to be rock, but now it's roll
Looking at the clock and the remote control
The circle contracts till you all alone
I put that on the people you've outgrown
And maybe it was all for show
But it was so convincing that the ground got cold
I guess anything's possible, under a spotlight we all got a note to hold
It goes
Don't throw no stones if you're living in a fish bowl
Blow a kiss though
Where the aim is based on which way the wind floats
And pride is a bottle on a fence post
I keep the shoes laced up
In case the people I love come to shoot the place up
I know we ain't cut from the same cloth
But a lot of those fights were just to say we fought
The mother turns, life is fragile
The struggle burns from inside of the candle
It doesn't matter how far you run from it, you're still gonna find it
You come from it
And even though we all equivalent
We gotta, hold on to the differences
We gotta, stand up for what we won't fall for
Let's give a round of applause for
All of all of y'all


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