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Hell lyrics - Atmosphere


[Verse 1:]
And I remember it like it was just last night
Yeah right, remember might be a little too much word
Everything was blurred, word?
When you can't see more than a few feet past your face
Tryna navigate, two feet through the avenues and alleyways
From Minneapolis to the North Cali Bay
We seen a whole lot of scene
Snakes move like water in a stream
The re-write got the green light
Still seem like nobody wanna intervene
Every minute that passes is permanent
But you made it this far, you deserve to live
I've had the time of my life and hurt worse than this
Tighten up that tourniquet

Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryna go no more
Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain't tryna go no more

[Verse 2:]
Hell's not under the ground, Hell's all around
So either you didn't know or you just don't care
But I was in hell when you told me to go there
Let's make a mess, celebrate the flesh
If you tryna come up, you gotta place your bets
If you're tryna recover, you gotta take some steps
Wanna get in front of the crash
There's no more space to stash anything up under the dash
Can't relax, but need to detach
Turn the beats up to max and lean the seat back
Everybody's got an affliction
Everyone's got a condition
Some of us built our wrong position
Some of us still got no opinions
Oh, bored to death by the score they kept
Don't break character force your breath
And I don't mean any disrespect
But I'm looking forward to when I get to forget



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