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Flicker lyrics - atmosphere

One little flicker of light
Can erase the dark
One little flicker of light
Can erase the dark

[Verse 1:]
Yeah I been drinkin’, You already know
Do I smell like escape, Probably so
I found your tape in my old collection
Put it in pushed play then I poured a fresh one
I look back with a hesitant laugh
But in reality it’s dark down memory ave
All the trials and suffering we shared with each other
A lot of people thought that we were actually brothers
You know me, you know I’m a control freak
Who told you, you could die before me?
Gone, another dog lost to the wild
I feel like a snot-nosed child
And when I hear your Smile
Its outlined in sadness
You poked holes in the magic
You taught jokes to the clowns
That never learned how
To appreciate the lights
Before the bulbs burned out


[Verse 2:]
Yeah, I been thinking, You already know
Do I sound frustrated? Probably so
Sometimes I feel guilty, I was out on the road
If I’da seen where it was going I’da stopped the whole show
I realize it ain’t realistic
I keep tryna make the pieces fit with
The info presented
I felt resentment
I held this against myself
I wanna help my friend
It stays in my head
That I was on a stage when you were laying in bed
Body was discovered by your own mother
It penetrates my chest, I still taste the regret
That I slept through a late night call from your homie
But then I spoke with Siddiq the next morning
And then I smoked one million cigarettes
Go figure, maybe I was tryna catch up with ya


[Verse 3:]
Yeah I been sinkin’ , you already know
Do I look exhausted? Probably so
I don’t get much sleep
I’m not sick, I’m fine
I’m just tryna make the most of this limited time
And I’m missing you but I ain’t gonna lie
The distance grew between Eye and I
And at the end, even though we didn’t speak enough
You were easily one of the best people I’ve loved
Now I’m tryna write a song for a dead songwriter
That wrote they own songs about life and death
And every breath is full of self-awareness
Don’t ever be afraid to be embarrassed
So I wrote these words to describe what I cry about
But I’m starting to think if you were here right now
You’d ridicule these lyrics, you’d hate this chorus
You’d probably tell me that the concept is too straight forward


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